Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Draconic Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, 2011 all set to seal fate of Hindus for eternity

There was indeed a time when Indian National Congress used to enjoy major support of the Hindu community and also the presence of a horde of venerable Hindu traditionalists within its fold. World has changed a lot by now but almost a radical change has taken place within Congress. It does not hold Hindus dear any longer but consider as its greatest adversary. If not, how can the upcoming Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, 2011 be justified? If any commoner goes through the Bill, it’ll be clear to him that it’s a crime to be a Hindu in India. Truly, Congress-led UPA is transgressing and Hindus are its first and foremost prey.

As far as Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, 2011 is concerned, if any communal riot takes place in any part of the country Hindus will be liable only. Reason? Hindus are the majority community in the country. The law, therefore, asserts that no minority group, be it of Christians or Muslims, can ever attack Hindus. The projected law also states that if there is any outbreak of communal riot in any part of India, Central Government of India would be able to send central security forces disregarding State Government’s views in that regard.

It is worthwhile to mention, in accordance with Constitution of India law and order is a state subject and certainly not a central issue. Hence, without the plea of the State Government or administration, no central force can ever enter the state. What’s more, only if law and order situation in any state breaks down or constitutional directives are not executed properly, Central Government talks to the Governor of the very state and based on the latter’s advice implement Article 356 to end the state administration and enforce President’s Rule. Central forces can be sent after that.

Will all these remain the same? Once Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, 2011 is authorized, Central Government would become the one and only arbitrator. It will no longer have to consult State Administration for implementing President’s Rule but become able to send central or paramilitary forces like C.R.P.F., C.I.S.F. to the alleged disturbed areas single-handedly. The Bill, without doubt, is enough to astound any sane individual; federal structure in the Constitution of India is all set to be the worst victim.

According to Clause 7 of the proposed law, if there is sexual torture on woman of any minority community, it is certainly a crime. But the same torment on woman of the majority community will not be reckoned. Clause 8 states if any kind of hatred is depicted against people of minority community through writings or videos, it will be a crime. What’s if the same is done against Hindus? Law prefers to remain silent! Clause 10 – if anybody provides monetary assistance against minority people it is a serious offense, but there is no crime if there is financial aid against Hindus.

Clause 12 states if any government employee tortures or even harasses a minority person it’s a crime. Clause 13 and Clause 14 have been made to penalize government employees and police personnel if they fail to protect people of minority communities.

Let’s take note of Clause 15 of the proposed Bill, 2011. And this is certainly more heinous. It states with conviction – if the persecutor on a minority person is member of any organization, other members of the same organization will also be penalized. Clause 16 – even if there is no such instruction to persecute people of minority community by leaders of any organization but a member violates it, leaders will be criminated and reprimanded.

This is not the end, for sure. Authorization of Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, 2011 will have no effect in Kashmir, especially in its six Muslim-majority districts containing 98% Muslims and 1% Hindus. Can you comprehend the reason? The law states 1% Hindu is majority while 98% Muslim is minority. Now let’s pay attention to other consequences of this law’s approval. Thanks to the law, people like Yasin Malik, Mufti and Gillani, in spite of delivering harangues or malicious lectures against Hindus and rendering scores of money to foment trouble, communal riots against Hindus, will remain safe on the whole. But people like Tapan Ghosh, Pramod Mutalik, dedicated to save Hindus, will be jailed frequently.

It has come to the knowledge that draft of the Bill has been prepared by a committee (selected by Sonia Gandhi), known as National Advisory Council, and is going to be tabled in the Parliament soon. None knows what is more in the Bill. But it is enough to slit throat of Hindus for eternity. Certainly Manmohan Singh, Prime Minster of India, will bring Sultan Mamud of Ghazni and Aurungzeb, into disrepute.

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