Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Strong Bengali Hindu Nationalist movement getting essential ever more

Religious persecution or Islamic atrocities on Hindus have been going on for centuries and the subject has got so common that a sizeable portion of Hindus has even got acquainted to it. And indeed this downbeat notion is engulfing other parts of Hindu society too. Nevertheless, detractors to all these do remain and these people remain responsible (also noteworthy) to foment Hindu psyche against mounting carnages. If we look at the history, this kind of people once became able to challenge the then rising Islamic domination and massacres across mediaeval India.

In the late 18 th century, following the Renaissance in Bengal and advent of Swami Vivekananda, Arya Samaj of Swami Dayananda Hindu manliness got stimulated yet again and this became evident with the rising number of anti-Islamic terror movements among Hindus and ultimately with the emergence of radical school of nationalism. The radical school of nationalism, destined to oust iniquitous British Empire, was spearheaded by Anushilan Samiti and Yugantar in Bengal, both influenced by clarion calls of Swami Vivekananda. The fire spread to the rest of India in later years. The fire was such that even the non-violence movement under the aegis of Mahatma Gandhi could not extinguish it ever.

Hindu nationalist movement, again, got a new incentive owing to the emergence of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Hindu Mahasabha in the national scenario. Cadres of both organizations expressed zeal, bravery and strength (par excellence) to save Hindus and counter Islamic attacks, in the days of partition of undivided India. But the question arises from here.

The movement (Hindu nationalist) having the potential to lead the country valiantly is having a gradual death. There have been immense sacrifices of Hindus for Dharma but all these have failed to institute a rich legacy of valor. All these are being perceived and surely, if anyone says the reverse, it is only a travesty of truth.

The situation of Bengali Hindus is more severe; the entire community is in a dwindling position in Bangladesh presently and with the passing of each day, Islamic tortures are increasing in Indian Bengal. There may be several reasons behind the absence of a Bengali Hindu Nationalist movement. But the most important is the dearth of an approach among Bengali Hindus to form a religious-linguistic individuality. Bengali Hindus, in short, have always looked forward to Aryavarta (modern Northern India) and have got raw deals only. Hence, there is no hope.

What can be done then? Even if it is painful, a new bastion of Bengali Hindu Nationalist movement has got to be built. The community has a rich population of 85,000,000 people worldwide, if not more and surely, it is more than enough to build up a nation. However, grave and perennial detrimental aspects of Hindus must be shunned before it. What surmounts others in this regard is the presence of ridiculous concept of democracy.

When there is the need of a perfect canon to save the entire community, strict and overbearing principles have to be executed. Conscription must also be given due concern and the Hindu religious factions (posing as greatest champions of humanity) must be expelled from political discourses. Anything that leads to impotence only must be stamped out straight away. It’s the time to impose people to believe – “It is not by the principles of humanity that man lives or is able to preserve himself above the animal world, but solely by means of the most brutal struggle”. Generation of manliness must be the priority so that Bengali Hindus can assert that there will thus be no longer any distinction between the citizen and the soldier, between the civilian and the man in uniform

Only this approach can save Bengali Hindus from outright extinction.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Will Nepal be a Hindu State again?

Nepal, one and only Hindu state across the globe even a few years back, is in a deep constitutional crisis these days and the rising turmoil along with adamant attitudes of Hindus there ascertain that consistent demands of various Hindu groups to restore Hindu State of Nepal may attain the objective. It is to be noted when only a few days are left to a constitutional crisis in Nepal Hindu groups have stepped up their demand for the reinstatement of a Hindu state. To make the movement more virile, protesters have called a national closure as part of their "Save the Cow" campaign.

It is needless to say that cow is sanctified in Hinduism and hence, its slaughter remains proscribed in Nepal despite change in constitutional character. The Hindu kingdom became secular in 2006 following a massive countrywide pro-democracy movement. Whatever it is, cow is national animal in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal.

Only in the last week, World Hindu Federation (WHF), prominent Hindu group struggling for reinstatement of Hindu State of Nepal tooth and nail, arranged protest marches in Birgunj against continuing cow slaughters covertly, joined by hundreds of people. A new group called Independent Civil Traditional Youth Organisation Nepal has come to the fore. It has annunciated a national strike on upcoming May 27, 2011 and has asked people to observe the day as "The Holy Cow Preservation Day". As per the group, they would worship the cow in Lalitpur city, close to Katmandu, national capital, in public.

Here are some more imperative facts. Hindu anger is growing up when on earth Nepal is proceeding fast to a constitutional deadline on May 28. Both parliament and government were supposed to state a new constitution publicly on that day. But both have already admitted they would not be competent to meet the deadline. Considering the situation as a lifetime opportunity, an assortment of Nepali Hindu organizations have regenerated their hue and cry for a Hindu state.

Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal is the single party in parliament advocating the restoration of a Hindu state in conjunction with a Hindu king. The party also demands dissolution of the 601-seat parliament for its failure and annunciation of fresh elections to form a new house. King Gyanendra, erstwhile monarch of Nepal, is also in the clamor for a Hindu state and is learnt to seek advice from Hindu spiritual leaders.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New chapter in Hindu persecution in Bangladesh

Hindu persecution in Bangladesh perceived another unspeakable act when dominant Muslim land grabbers in the locality (supported by local chairman) assaulted a minority Hindu family recently. The incident occurred on April 17, 2011 at 7.00 pm in Rathura (village), P.S. Kaligunj, Dist: Gazipur. Kolpona Rani (40), Angona Rani (17) and Sushila Rani (31) – female members of the family were dishonored and were discovered nude by neighbors later on. Three women, at the moment, are undergoing medical treatments under the auspices of Bhola Nanda Giri Trust, Tikatuli.

However, there has never been any respite even after all these. Islamic crooks made several attempts to attack people, responsible for rescue of victims, and all these happened on April 20, 2011. Other victims of the family have become homeless, it is needles to say.

What has been the role of police in this regard? Local police station is already a bastion of Islamic hardliners and the rising influence of said criminals has made it biased completely. To downplay the incident, criminals have also lodged a complaint against the Hindu family. Police station has been found to coerce victims and ask them to settle the matter peacefully. There has not been any arrest of criminals yet.

According to victims, local police station has changed their date of "Ajahar" albeit it was submitted on April 22, 2011. Police started the case on April 25, 2011and accepted the false case of criminals on April 26, 2011.

Last but not least, there are some other features in this case as well. It has been learnt that land grabbers took hold of a Debottor Land along with a public cemetery last year and a pond has already been digged there. The entire area is worth 48 decimal. Local people are demanding stringent punishments of criminals and recovery of Debottor Land with the public cemetery.

To highlight the incident and ongoing Hindu persecutions in Bangladesh, Hindu Dhormio Shartho Songrakshan Sommilito Porishod (HDSSSP) organized a press conference in the Reporters Unity, Dhaka, Bangladesh on May 13, 2011.